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Dear Sally,

Long time no see! How are you going? Is everything going smoothly?I'm very well in here.

I have been worked in Cairns Colonial Club as housekeeping around two months. People who working in here all very nice to me and I earn extremely good money from this job. About 22 dollar per hour before tax and we have DASP can get before leave Aus. Also I got a lot of friends who are residents here. They teach me English all the time when we have brake time.Last week I got one more job working in a busy take way at night. They didn't give me good pay but I can practice using English to take order for customers, take the phone call. It's a little hard for me especially on the phone, but I'll try to overcome.

I'm so lucky to get these two jobs very near the place I lived, so I don't need to waste time on riding bike. My friends spent eight hundred dollar to buy a second hand scooter because they lived very far. It took them twenty minutes even by scooter. To tell the truth, I really don't like ride bicycle especially under the burning of sunshine.

Compare the photos of attached with I sent to you last time, and you can find I'm getting dark not only brown. Besides, I got the other casual job as extras of Sea Patrol 3, Aus's TV show. I am required for ten hours in total throughout the shoot. The costume they gave me is a cheongsam, very Chinese style and whole scenes on the sea. I saw the Aus's TV star, Lisa McCune. People said she is very famous in here.

I'm very cheerful to see a celebrity so close even I don't know her. The food and refreshments they provided very yummy. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat too much because I've got seasickness. It's really a special experience for me and I got 300 dollar after took off tax for one day working. Vis this time, I realized it is a very hard work to be an actor because you have to repeat the same conversation again and again for a scene until director say next scene.

Normally, I take plenty photos, but our mobile phones cameras must be switched of while we are at work. So I only took one phone after work finished.Do you remember I told you I want to go to Japan for skiing next year? My sister told me that we will go to Japan around 2009/2/9. I think it's expensive if I go to Japan from Australia and then come back Australia. So, I made up my mind to come back Taiwan earlier. Could you please change time of return trip to 2009/2/1 for me? Thanks awfully for your help in advance. If you have any further news, please feel free to let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. See you!!

在找工作的過程中收穫還不少….在剛到澳洲的兩個星期後, 我就開始在澳洲的兩家網路求職104乖乖的填寫資料, 寄履歷…不過收到的回覆都是有其他的人經歷更好, 已經找到了, 其中三分之二的求職信都石沉大海…..所以那根本是一條行不通的求職路. 他們的報紙上工作機會也是超級多的, 不過相對看報紙找工作的人也是一大堆…所以會遇到的競爭對手更多, 既然花錢刊報紙找人也就是希望找到有經驗的, 所以如果有相關的工作經驗,就會有優勢啦!

臨時演員的工作就是從報紙看到的, 本來我以為是在那個公園拍戲, 要一些亞洲人做背景, 結果那天去了那裡才知道根本沒明星在那拍戲, 只是超多人排隊寫資料試鏡, 結果他們只替大家照了相, 我也跟著人家排隊照像寫資料…沒想到後來會接到電話說入選了…更沒想到去了海邊才知道不是在沙灘上拍戲, 一整天都待在海上, 看到軍艦和很多拍戲的道具….我們只是演在有錢人的船上參加party, 就在那裡聊天聊了一天也能賺錢….這種經驗可以說有夠特別了….感覺上就像是免錢的坐船出海玩還附餐點加收入….. 雖然說收入高…..唉…..這種工作還蠻辛苦的….有幾個男生還曬傷了. 跟我一樣也是在的IH的四個台灣學生, 從韓國朋友那聽說他們在課程還沒結束前就都在市中心的華人餐館找到工作….我倒是有點鐵齒的死都不去中國餐館…..相對的找工作的難度就來了. 我同學教我他們韓國人是怎麼找工作的, 第一次示範給我看後, 我就開始了自己的job hunting, 不分大大小小的餐館,飯店,或是購物中心, 就是厚著臉皮的一間間詢問給履歷, 這時找不找的到工作就跟英文程度 中級 中高級 沒什麼太大的關係啦 ,重點就在妳敢不敢走進去問, 運氣好不好, 如果運氣好他們有缺, 沒人跟你競爭…工作就來囉!!!! 幾乎全部的韓國同學幾乎都是在一星期內找到工作, 至於我嘛, 一開始運氣超背…..不是每間都願意收履歷的前提下, 我還能把印好的30份都用完, 就在即將要滿一個月, 在我準備放棄, 想說去農場工作的最後那個禮拜, 就接到電話了…..結果我的工作現在是同學裡薪水算最好的啦!!

現在還是陸陸續續接到一些餐館或是飯店的電話, 只是不想花太多時間在賺錢, 想多花點時間讀點英文, 所以都回覆說找到工作了, 目前的兩個工作的地方都超近的, 差不多騎腳踏車5至10分鐘, 兩個工作, 一星期工作約30個小時, 稅後收入500多元, 還有很多時間可以安排自己想做的事…在這裡生活可以算挺悠閒的…..



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