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美國遊學心得分享 | 在波士頓實現美國夢!






波士頓是名符其實的大學城,這裡有Boston College,麻省理工學院以及知名的哈佛大學,還有觀光客必去的昆西市場,來這別忘了嚐嚐有名的龍蝦三明治和巧達濃湯。


如果你是棒球迷一定要去芬威球場觀看大聯盟有名的紅襪隊比賽,跟其他球迷在紅襪主場第八局一起大唱Sweet Caroline,體驗現場的氣氛,肯定令人難忘!從十月到隔年的四月也記得要去TD Garden 觀看NBA籃球波士頓塞爾提克隊比賽。如果你是橄籃球迷肯定要去觀看新英格蘭愛國者隊比賽,他們拿下第51屆超級盃總冠軍!去現場體驗台灣沒有的激烈現場氣氛更勝過棒球與藍球,去了波士頓一定要完成這三大運動盛事,去現場嘶喊才不會留下遺憾。

Ping-Kai Pai, from Taiwan, is studying Diploma of English at Kings Boston for 6 months. He shares his reasons for choosing Boston, and recommendations for things to do there!

To go to the United States was my childhood dream. It's called the American dream! I can’t forget when I came down from the plane and the feeling of standing on the floor.

Why would I choose Boston? Both Boston and Los Angeles, two places I was choosing from. It was a difficult choice. With discussions and communications with the Taiwan agent many times, I in the end had to give priority to study. Finally, I chose the Boston!

To quickly improve my English ability, I chose the host family. New family were really friendly, take care of me as their children. At dinner time, we sat down and talked about school life. They can help my ability to express English. We went kayaking and went to the beach to have the picnic together. Also took me with my roommate to taste the famous lobster in Boston! Took us to experience the local culture of the United States and the famous locations!

When my roommate and I don't understand important things, the host family will help me first. The host family parents are like my parents. They let me feel the warmth of being at home in a foreign country. This is another reason why my English can quickly improve. The environment forces you to communicate in English! Not only in the course, but back home you can continue to strengthen your English.

Boston is a university town, where there is Boston College, MIT, and well-known Harvard University. They also have the well-known Quincy Market. Try the famous lobster sandwich roll and chowder soup.

Boston summers are a very short time, so many people will go to the beach. But Boston's beach is very different from Taiwan's sea. The sea is freezing, so be prepared before you jump into the water.

If you are a baseball fan, you must go to Fenway to see the famous Red Sox game. In the eighth inning, Red Sox home fans sing 'Sweet Caroline'! To experience the atmosphere of the scene is definitely unforgettable!

From October into early the next year, remember to go to TD Garden to watch NBA basketball's Boston Celtics. If you are a footballer, definitely go to watch the New England Patriots. They were the 51st Super Bowl Cup Champions!

To really experience Boston, you must try these three sporting events. They are so different from the atmosphere in Taiwan! Being there with all the crowds cheering and all the excitement is something you’d regret missing, especially in Boston!




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